Versa Light 420

versa light

Versa Light 420

Versa Light is the best solution for old technology and poor performing loading dock lights. The Versa Light’s high performance halogen bulb delivers a bright, white light that easily illuminates the ENTIRE trailer.

The flexible tube resists overhead door impact, can be easily positioned and allows airflow (from the built in fan) to cool the bulb. Versa Light dock light is uniquely engineered solution to loading dock lighting is preferred by both maintenance managers and dock workers.

Optional coated bulbs, required in many food facilities are available.


Reduce your bulb changes and “complete dock light replacement” with the Versa Light. Versa Light provides a high performance halogen bulb with cover lens that has superior bulb life. The Versa Light can also withstand a hit from an overhead door, reducing your maintenance and repair costs.


Versa Light offers twice the light of old technology dock lights. Not only does this improve safety, it can help improve productivity at the loading dock. Industry insurance studies recommend that to improve safety, dock lights should be used in facilities even if their forklifts are equipped with lights. The Versa Light uses low voltage circuitry to protect workers from the exposure to sparks and shocks which can be present when old technology lights are damaged.


Versa Light has LOW voltage/amperage draw, and the long lasting bulb makes it a highly efficient dock light. We can interlock Versa Light with our Safety Signal dock communication package or with our Smart Chock restraint system. These products automatically operate the Versa Light as the dock door opens and closes so there is no unnecessary energy use.


VL420XL W/ 75% extended bulb life
VL421 Coated food service grade bulb
VL421XL W/ 75% extended bulb life
VL470 277V model.
VL470XL W/ 75% extended bulb life
220V, 50/60HZ Models Available Upon Request

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REPLACEMENT BULBS – Use ONLY the VL2001 or VL7001 (coated food service) bulbs in the Versa Light. These bulbs are specifically designed for use in the Versa Light. Use of other bulbs could result in a potential fire hazard.

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