AeroTec AC


AeroTec AC

Often times dock workers face unsafe temperatures while working inside a trailer. Temperatures can reach up to 130° F in some areas of the country.  Once again DL Manufacturing has come up with a serious solution for a serious problem.

It will provide a safer work environment inside the trailer. AeroTec AC works by taking conditioned air and circulating it throughout the entire trailer in a high-velocity column reducing temperatures within seconds. AeroTec AC can pump air up to 30 degrees cooler and less humid.  Our patented design is simple yet effective Keeping conditions cool on the loading dock provides better comfort and safer conditions for your employees.

Model Specifications –
AeroTec AC Package includes:

Super AeroTec Model AT 750
  • 1/2 hp split capacitor HVAC motor
  • 115V 8.8 AMP, 277V also optional
  • 1200 CFM (cubic feet per minute)
  • 6100 ft/min velocity @ 20′ (free air)
  • Length is 4ft. Weight 60 lbs
  • Single Phase, 120V, 60HZ
  • 16″ Mounting Bracket
 Transition & Mounting Brackets
  • Coil Bracket & Coil Filter Bracket
  • Yellow plastic transition hose up to 6’ in length
  • Yellow plastic elbow
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