DL Rain Dam


Improve worker safety and protect cargo from water damage at your loading docks

  • Rugged, all steel frame construction
  • Pad is positioned by backing in the trailer
  • Mounts over the top of almost any existing dock seal
  • Heavy Duty, front facing pad protects from water and air infiltration at the header.

What is rain on your loading dock costing you?

  • Product Damage
  • Product Contamination
  • Dangerous, Slippery Conditions
  • Forklift Damage & Door Damage
  • Dock Worker’s Safety
  • Unhappy Dock Workers
  • Lost Time & Productivity


The Rain Dam keeps moisture out of the loading area with a remarkable “wiper” pad seal that engages the trailer’s top. It’s remarkable because it works so well and yet is so simple. It requires virtually no maintenance.

  • Protects the dock from moisture infiltration, keeping products safe from costly water damage.
  • Heavy duty steel channel head frame
  • Highly resilient, full memory foam core protected by multiple layers of durable coated industrial fabric.
  • Rugged side support brackets for mounting over existing equipment.
  • Frame side covers provide extra protection for the dock area.
  • Trailer height coverage from 12’ 8” and higher.
  • Front seal pad is replaceable if necessary.


DL Manufacturing