Leveler Blanket


Easy Energy Savings with the Insulated Leveler BlanketTM

Dock Levelers are energy hogs at your loading dock. Energy can be lost through the side gaps, the bottom door seal or by heat transfer through the dock leveler plate. Energy loss at your loading dock is a major drag on chillers, heating systems, and maintaining dock temperature for food safety.  Lastly, energy loss has a negative impact on your operational expenses.

The Leveler Blanket’s simple design makes it convenient to place and lay on your leveler, so energy savings is easy when your door is not in use.

Whether you use the Leveler BlanketTM between each load or between each shift, savings are immediate and effortless.

In some locations Leveler BlanketTM can offer a 1-year payback

when used for only 8 hours per day.

Why wait?

Talk to your local sales representative today to learn how you can save money and stop wasting energy.

The diagram above demonstrates how outside heat (or cold) can be transferred through the leveler plate and how air flows through the gaps around the leveler and through the gap at the bottom seal of your dock door. Using the Leveler BlanketTM between each load or between each shift will greatly reduce the amount of wasted energy.

Going Green Has Never Been So Easy...and Cost Effective!

For cold storage facilities Leveler BlanketTM eases the load on your chillers – maintaining a consistent dock temperature which helps improve food safety.
For both cold storage and dry dock applications Leveler BlanketTM can stop the energy loss and start saving you money.

The Leveler BlanketTM conveniently stores up and out of the way. The above steps show how Leveler BlanketTM is easily lowered and positioned over the leveler.

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