Guide Light


Enhance Dock Safety by installing the new DL Manufacturing Guide Light. Lining up Tractor Trailers can be challenging, whether it’s bad weather, a rush to get a trailer parked for an urgent load or just an inexperienced driver. The results of a misaligned trailer equates to a dock seal that will no longer seal properly, building or equipment damage from the truck missing the dock bumper, or improper leveler engagement.


All of these problems can affect dock safety, product safety and dock productivity. With its unique design DL’s Guide Light can be customized to your specific dock application. The LED color can be yellow, red or green and options are available to change the Guide Light into a complete dock communication system.

Guide Light offers highly-visible multiple LED light color outputs in red, green and yellow.

Guide Light Features

LED Technology

LED Technology – No replacing bulbs and saves energy. Red, Green and Yellow Light Output

Door Specific Light Signal

The Guide Light is designed with high intensity LED’s with a narrow slot to provide a door specific signal.

Safely guides truck in the specific dock position

Day, night and foul weather.

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