PxV Knock-Out Door


Performance and Value in a Knockout Dock Door

Productivity at the loading dock continues to be as challenging as ever. More product and more volume equals more damage and high maintenance costs. Prevent damage before it occurs by using the right solution – the PxV Knockout Door by DL Manufacturing. PxV’s innovative design allows it to flex and get out of harms way upon impact, keeping productivity up and maintenance costs down.

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PxV Features Include:

  • Patented Polymer guide system – PxV uses a brush system instead of rollers, allowing for a continuous seal and a long lasting design that has the ability to knockout without costly door damage.
  • High Performance – PxV’s rugged design resists damage from impact better than other knockout dock doors.
  • Exclusive Self-Correcting Design – Simply open and close to re-set, no spring loaded rollers or pins to maintain.
  • Flexible, 1.75” thick, insulated panels – PxV’s panels are lightweight and insulated, suitable for refrigerated loading docks.

The continuous seal design of PxV’s innovative brush system eliminates air and light gaps at the loading dock door – making PxV ideal for food handling facilities and for facilities looking to reduce energy costs.

PxV Specifications:

  • Dock Door
    Panels: 1 3/4″ Hot Dipped Galvanized Steel Sheets, Steel-Foam-Steel Sandwich
    Insulation: R-16, Polyurethane Foam
    Door sizes: Up to 10′ x 10′
    Door Reset: Self Correcting – Resets by opening and closing the door
    Side Brush Seals: Polypropylene
    Top Seal: PVC – Vinyl
    End Cap: Extruded, Impact Resistant Plastic
    Track: PVC
    Knockout Capability: Full – top to bottom, inside or out
    Lock: Offers intruder security
  • Torsion Springs
    Spring Cycle: 15K (Standard), 25 or 50 K optional
    Cables: 5/32″ – 7 x 19 Mill Spec, Galvanized Cable Shaft: 1″ Tube Shaft
    Bearings: 1″ UCF Precision Flange Bearing
  • Counterweight
    Counterweights: Cold Rolled Steel w/primer
    Cables: 3/16″ – 7 x 19 Mill Spec, Galvanized Cable
    Shaft: 1″ Keyed, Solid Shaft
    Bearings: 1″ UCF Precision Flange Bearing


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