LED VERSA LIGHT 450 – DL Manufacturing, the leader in dock lighting, presents the newest innovation in LED dock lights. Our series 450 with the circular LED light head offers the unique combination of complete trailer illumination, 85,000 hours of LED life and light output that is easy on the eyes. Make the move to more efficient lighting. Complete Details
LED VERSA LIGHT 485 – Not all LED lights are created equally. The LED Versa Light® provides Sustainability by Ensuring Quality and Performance for the Long Term – minimizing your cost of ownership. Make the move to more efficient lighting. Complete Details

VERSA LIGHT 420 – is the best solution for old technology poor performing loading dock lights. The Versa Light’s high performance halogen bulb delivers a bright white light that easily illuminates the ENTIRE trailer. The flexible tube resists overhead door impact, can be easily positioned and allows airflow (from the built in fan in the base) to cool the bulb. This uniquely engineered solution to loading dock lighting is preferred by both maintenance managers and dock workers. Complete Details

Enhance Dock Safety by installing the new DL Manufacturing Guide Light. Lining up Tractor Trailers can be challenging, whether it’s bad weather, a rush to get a trailer parked for an urgent load or just an inexperienced driver. Guide Light offers highly-visible multiple LED light color outputs in red, green and yellow. Complete Details

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