Bumpers and Seals



ZERO IMPACT BUMPER – This innovative design reduces building/truck impact and provides far superior cushioning over a standard steel-faced dock bumper.  Our advanced diamond flex, patent pending design eliminates impact shock minimizing load on the building.  The Zero Impact Bumper helps protects your trailers and building. Complete Details
U-SEAL NON-COMPRESSION DOCK SEAL – While other dock seals work strictly on compression, the U-Seal’s patented hollow foam core hugs the trailer frame reduces air and light gaps and lessens exposure from forklift and truck contact.   Complete Details
DYNAMIC DOCK SEAL – Another dynamic solution to solve a complex problem at the loading dock. The struggle with proper sealing when dealing with variable truck heights, variable door heights, sloped docks, yard jockey tilt and lift gates, resulting in water and air intrusion, is a real problem in need of a real solution. The Dynamic Dock Seal has a remarkable design that brings the head pad to the truck instead of the truck trying to fit to the head. Complete Details
RAIN DAM – Improve worker safety and protect cargo from water damage at your loading docks. The Rain Dam keeps moisture out of the loading area with a remarkable “wiper” pad seal that engages the trailer’s top. It’s remarkable because it works so well and yet is so simple. It requires virtually no maintenance. Complete Details
RIGID TRUCK SHELTER – Rigid dock shelters are the most versatile solution because they will accommodate the widest range of vehicles. The DL 2000 Series provides full access to trailers, as the name implies these units create a shelter from inclement weather.  Complete Details
CORNER SEAL – Keep Bugs and Vermin Out and Energy Savings In. Gaping holes around the dock levelers are another challenging problem for facility managers. For years, companies have been trying to tackle “the gap” between the dock seals and the leveler. DL Manufacturing has the solution with our new Dock Corner Seal. Complete Details

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