Safety Signal


Loading Dock Safety continues to be a major challenge for most companies.  Whether your business is large or small, manufacturing or distribution, accidents are real and can be fatal.

Safety Signal uses the universal signal protocol – utilizing Red and Green LED Lights. It is a simple, yet effective means to provide safety at your loading dock door.

Safety Signal’s highly engineered design also provides customers with not just a Red Light/Green Light package, but a Dock Communication System that offers advanced safety, energy savings and no maintenance.


Safety Signal automates your loading dock by providing a clear, distinct communication signal to your loading dock workers and truck drivers. It eliminates the need for manual communication systems that are often unreliable. Safety Signal offers a microprocessor  based control panel, convergent photo eye and LED light signals to ensure reliability and productivity with no maintenance. With optional interlocks for your dock light, fan, and leveler, Safety Signal automates your loading dock area to improve productivity and reduce energy consumption.


Safety Signal goes beyond ordinary communication packages by using 180° LED lights on the inside control panel to ensure dock workers are aware of an unsafe situation at the dock.  The outside light box not only uses high intensity LED lights but each circuit is designed to handle two LED’s. Therefore, if one LED were to fail, the light output is more than enough to generate a clear, distinct signal. The outside box has a patented light process that channels the flashing red light signal directly into the mirror of the truck so the light is clear and can be understood. The light is also channeled to reduce communication error to other truck drivers at nearby loading docks and protects the light signal from interference caused by direct sunlight. Safety Signal uses a convergent photo eye mounted above the door in lieu of whisker switches that are old technology and unreliable.


Safety Signal’s interlocks are not only a great safety feature for the dock worker, but they also take care of turning equipment on/off – saving you costly energy. The interlock is engaged by the photo eye. When the door opens/closes and the photo eye is engaged/disengaged, the interlock turns the light and fan on/off automatically. Depending on the model, there can be two outlets on the bottom of the inside control unit to plug in a fan and light. The leveler can also be interlocked with the Safety Signal so that it can only be turned on after the door has been opened. With LED’s used in the inside and outside boxes, Safety Signal is not only energy efficient it is also maintenance friendly.

Additional Engineering Advantages

  1. Safety Signal’s high intensity flashing RED LED light on the outside box is designed for extreme brightness and is directed to the drivers mirror so it’s not a distraction to other driver’s in the area
  2. Control boards can be programmed to interlock electric/hydraulic and pneumatic levelers.
  3. Optional mounting brackets are available for inside and outside box installation.
  4. The convergent photo eye is a non mechanical system (no friction wear) and mounted above the door. Therefore, there is no maintenance and it’s safe from forklift damage.

Safety Signal Sequence of Operations

  1. Door closes
    1. Outside light turns green
    2. Inside light turns red
    3. Interlock items turn off:
    Dock light, Fan, and Leveler.
  1. Door opens
    1. Outside light turns red
    2. Inside light turns green
    3. Interlock items now function:
    Dock light, Fan, and Leveler.

Optional Safety Strap™

Product Data

Safety Signal

  • 120 volt, .5A, 60Hz
  • International: 220V/single phase/50HZ
  • Controlled by microprocessor
  • Long life LED lights on outside light box and inside control panel
  • 180° visibility on inside control panel
  • Convergent photo eye activates system
  • Optional interlock for dock light, dock fan & leveler


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