Smart Chock


Smart Chock is an innovative trailer restraint system that secures your vehicle while effectively communicating with drivers and loading dock workers to offer a safe and productive work environment.

Smart Chock has an over-sized yet lightweight aluminum chock containing an ultra sonic sensor in conjunction with a light/communication system. Smart Chock is a versatile restraint system that can accommodate a wide variety of vehicles, regardless of lift gates, tire size and ICC bar damage.  All we need is a tire.


Smart Chocks require very little maintenance and is easy to use, unlike hook arm restraint systems that consistently fail and require costly maintenance. Smart Chock helps minimize downtime at the loading dock with a reliable control system and easy to operate wheel chock. The ultrasonic sensor inside the chock housing is designed for use in all weather conditions, and for all types of trucks. Our quick, connect military spec cord is extremely durable, and takes seconds to change if it’s ever damaged. Smart Chock is priced considerably less than typical mechanical restraints and offers a more consistent, reliable performance. Smart Chock reduces the need for costly service and maintenance contracts.


They offers an innovative safety feature that alerts the dock workers when the chock is prematurely removed. The inside control panel and dock light will flash on and off, alerting dock workers that the trailer is no longer secured. (Versa Light® dock light sold separately). Inside and outside audible alarms are standard features also. Smart Chock provides a safe, seamless communication system that is easy for workers to implement, it does not provide a bypass switch, eliminating the possibility of the system being overridden.


Smart Chock uses energy-saving high intensity LED lights to provide Driver-Targeted red and green traffic light indicators as well as the red chock icon.



  1. Versatile , can be used on any vehicle, including Liftgates.  Not dependent on ICC bar.
  2. Chock, communication lights, and door are all inter-connected.
  3. Inside control panel can interlock and control dock light, fan, & leveler.
  4. High intensity LED lights for inside and outside boxes.
  5. No bypass switch.
  6. Integrated warning system if chock is prematurely removed while door is open.
  7. Oversized, high strength aluminum chock with non-skid steel back plate.
  8. Less costly to purchase and maintain , Initial cost is about a third of the cost of a mechanical restraint. Mechanical restraint problems lead to costly downtime and rescheduling.


  1. Majority are ICC bar dependent, ICC bar inconsistencies may compromise performance.
  2. Not compatible with Liftgate Trucks.
  3. Receive constant impact from trailers backing up.
  4. Manual bypass/overrides.
  5. Costly, time consuming install.
  6. Constant and highly technical maintenance required.
  7. Downtime renders dock location completely unsecured unless, chocks are used as a backup.

Smart Chock® Sequence of Operations

Product Video

Product Data

  • 115V/single phase/ 60Hz
  • International: 220V/single phase/50Hz
  • Long, life LED lights on inside control panel and outside light display panel
  • Ultrasonic sensor mounted in chock assembly
  • Convergent photo eye door sensor
  • Seamless dock communication & restraint system
  • Optional interlock for dock light, dock fan & leveler
  • Fiberglass Cable Pole
  • Outside & Inside Audible Alarm

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