AEROTEC™ is not a typical dock fan – it’s actually an air exchanger capable of cooling, warming or refreshing air in an open trailer within seconds.

AeroTec creates a high–velocity column of air that continually circulates ambient air throughout the entire trailer, creating a more comfortable work environment for loading dock workers.



AeroTec’s motor and mechanical housing is mounted above the door frame, and presents a more difficult target for a forklift to hit. The breakaway elbow is the only part of AeroTec that’s in the door opening – a small target to hit and it can easily be pivoted out of the way to accommodate large loads. If the elbow is hit, the breakaway design allows for simple reattachment by any worker – no need to call the maintenance department.


Keeping the trailer well ventilated can also be critical to dock worker safety – helping workers feel cool when the weather is hot and breathing fresh air is healthier and can help keep workers moving more efficiently. AeroTec’s main housing and moving parts are all located safely out of the way. This minimizes the chances for injury with the equipment and also greatly reduces noise output.


AeroTec can be ordered with 1/3 or 1/2 HP motor, depending on your needs. Model 700 with 1/3 HP motor @ 4.8 amps is the more energy conscious model when compared with 1/2 HP fans and the Super AeroTec Model 750. AeroTec will also interlock with our Safety Signal or Smart Chock inside control units to eliminate wasteful energy consumption. When interlocked, AeroTec will turn on when the door is opened for loading, and shut off when the door is closed.

Old Technology Dock Fan

This illustration shows how airflow from standard fans typically occurs in a trailer. Standard dock fans produce a high amount of airflow – but it's a low velocity, random airflow that re–circulates back into the fan's intake. As a result, the air becomes pressurized and fails to circulate in the trailer.

Standard loading dock fans also present a much larger target in the doorway, and when hit by a forklift they usually fail. This becomes both costly and presents a dangerous work environment.

AeroTec circulates air in the ENTIRE trailer

AeroTec utilizes the side and top of the trailer to keep the air organized in a “column”.  This column bounces fresh air off the front trailer wall and is pushed back through the middle and opposite side – creating a comfortably ventilated environment.

aeroaction3AeroTec is able to pivot out of the doorframe to accommodate larger loads, or when not in use. The mounting bracket also allows for adjustability away from, or closer to the door. AeroTec can be used with our SAFETY SIGNAL or SMART CHOCK interlocking control panels.

Optional: 30" Elbow Extension Sleeve also available





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Product Data

AeroTec Model AT 700

  • 1/3 hp split capacitor HVAC motor
  • 115V 4.8 AMP, 277V also optional
  • 850 CFM (cubic feet per minute)
  • 4100 ft/min velocity @ 20’ (free air)
  • Length is 4ft. Weight 53 lbs
  • Single Phase, 120V, 60HZ
  • 12" Mounting Bracket

Super AeroTec Model AT 750

  • 1/2 hp split capacitor HVAC motor
  • 115V 8.8 AMP, 277V also optional
  • 1200 CFM (cubic feet per minute)
  • 6100 ft/min velocity @ 20' (free air)
  • Length is 4ft. Weight 60 lbs
  • Single Phase, 120V, 60HZ
  • 16" Mounting Bracket

Note: 24" mounting bracket
available for recessed walls



AeroTec™ Product Brochure

AeroTec™ Installation Manual

AeroTec™ Parts Diagram

AeroTec™ Product Video (mp4)