smartlgIs an innovative trailer restraint system that secures your vehicle while effectively communicating with drivers and loading dock workers to ensure a safe and productive work environment. Smart Chock has an oversized yet lightweight aluminum chock containing an ultra–sonic sensor in conjunction with a patented light communication system. Complete Details


saflgLoading Dock Safety continues to be a major challenge for most companies. Whether your business is large or small, manufacturing or distribution, accidents are real and can be fatal. Safety Signal uses the universal signal protocol – utilizing Red and Green LED Lights. It is a simple & yet effective means to provide safety at your loading dock door. Complete Details


sslgThe Smart Choice for facilities that keep their loading dock areas open. Incorporate Safety Strap with Smart Chock or Safety Signal to help reduce the potential for dock accidents and improve production Complete Details


handyPOYStop risking the danger of injury and start complying with OSHA regulations without breaking your back. New Handy ChockTM is easy to place, remove and see. Complete Details


guidelightEnhance Dock Safety by installing the new DL Manufacturing Guide Light. Lining up Tractor Trailers can be challenging, whether it’s bad weather, a rush to get a trailer parked for an urgent load or just an inexperienced driver. Guide Light offers highly-visible multiple LED light color outputs in red, green and yellow. Complete Details