Warehouse Safety: How to Lessen the Risk of Injury

Safety for workers or employees is held at a very high standard. Not every accident can be avoided, but it is necessary to take the right precautions. Here are some ways to lessen the risk of injury.

Clean Up Messes

Slipping is one of the most common causes for injury in the warehouse. Make sure to clean up all messes immediately after they occur. Liquids, sawdust, boxes, or anything that could cause someone to hurt themselves should be taken care of. If workers are injured on the job, it costs the company money.

Create Signs

If there are sudden steps that wouldn’t be obvious to a person, it’s important to make sure everyone is aware. Use bold lettering or colored adhesives to help make the hazard more visible. By making potential dangers less dangerous, the more likely everyone is going to stay safe.

Buddy System

Falling is another risk in the work place. If you’re operating a ladder or scaffolding, make sure someone is helping you, whether it’s holding the ladder or spotting. Having more than one person present during a dangerous activity may be helpful in case of an injury occurs.

Contain Chemicals

Harmful chemicals or substances are one of the health risks in a warehouse. Make sure all chemical or toxic material is placed into a safe location, cautioning the public to what is inside or nearby. It’s important to keep dangerous chemicals out of plain sight and in a safe spot to ensure everyone’s safety.

Fire Hazards

Fires can cause great damage to a warehouse. Making sure all exit signs are visible and having fire extinguishers available in multiple locations can help reduce the chance of a fire. Clean up all flammable spills, run wires under carpet, and make sure all things electrical are meeting safety requirements can be the best way to prevent a fire.

Use Restraints

Most warehouses have a loading dock of some kind, which is reportedly the place where most injuries occur. To ensure the safety of all workers, have proper trailer or truck restraints to keep the product secure. Limiting the risk of movement can allow safe transportation and a successful day.

Use Labels

Moving parts are dangerous to people, especially if they aren’t aware. Make sure all moving parts are labeled properly. Machinery, if used incorrectly, can cause serious injury and even death.

As you can see, it’s important to make sure that any potential hazard is labeled, cleaned up, monitored, and periodically checked on. Ensuring that your workers are safe in the work place or warehouse can save you a lot of stress and focus more on the big picture. Lessening the risk of injury should be done whenever possible.

If your loading dock needs one of these safety features, it’s best to get help professional, such as DL Manufacturing. They are dedicated to improving safety and making sure your loading dock is performing at the best of its ability. It’s important to make sure that once you have safety features on your loading dock that they are working to their full potential long after they are installed.