When Should Truck Restraints Be Used?

When your business involves moving your products or services from place to place, you will probably have to use large trucks in order to move your company’s equipment or products. When you use large trucks, it is important that they are outfitted with the right trailer restraints in order to do the task safely. In this case, a truck restraint is very important for many reasons.

Lock Trucks in Place

Most of all, truck restraints are meant to lock a truck in place while workers move items in and out of the loading dock. This is vital because it protects the workers and keeps the trailer from moving. It is very valuable because the loading dock is a dangerous place that can cause serious harm if not handled correctly.

During Loading and Unloading

If you’re wondering when you should use a truck restraint, the answer should be every time you plan to unload or load at the loading dock. In order to better prevent any damage to either the truck or the dock, a truck restraint will make sure everything is where it’s supposed to be. It’s an important safety feature that should be implemented no matter what.

Look at areas on your loading dock where you can integrate truck restraints that can improve safety and efficiency. By simply using truck restraints, you can meet safety requirements without doing major equipment renovations. You should ask for professional help, such as DL Manufacturing, who can consult with you on equipment replacement and upgrade scenarios based on your unique operational needs and the life expectancy of your current systems.

Cause Damage to Docks

Without truck restraints, the truck has the potential to damage the loading dock. If the loading dock is damaged in any way, it will have to be fixed in order to receive shipment. This can cause delays for the product, which ultimately affects sales.

Fixing the loading dock can be costly. It takes time for someone to come and replace the broken or damaged parts, which also makes it difficult for other shipment to arrive. Because it costs money to fix, it’s going to be a hindrance to your company.

They Help Maximize Profit

Because the loading dock is so important to a company’s success, making sure you have a truck restraint can minimize problems and maximize profit. With a well working loading dock, product can be safely transported in a timely fashion.

Things that can cause damage to a loading dock include truck departure, trailer creeping, and collapsing landing gear on trailers. In order to prevent things like this from happening, a truck restraint is a great option to have.

Your worker's safety should be held at the highest importance. They are the ones who make your company move forward by receiving the product that is going to make you money. If they are injured because the truck moved, then it’s not only going to cause you the loss of worker, but also it’s going to cost you money to pay for their recovery.

If your loading dock needs one of these safety features, it’s best to get help professional, such as DL Manufacturing. They are dedicated to improving safety and making sure your loading dock is performing at the best of its ability. It’s important to make sure that once you have safety features on your loading dock, such as a truck restraint, that they are working to their full potential long after they are installed.