Safety Equipment Required on the Loading Dock

The loading dock area may be the most dangerous part of where your company or organization’s operations are carried out. This is because there are many hazards that occupy this area and that it is one where there is a constant high level of traffic and activity taking place. Though there is a great level of potential risk for your personnel working in this area, there are steps that can be taken to reduce the level of risk and increase worker safety. Below is a list of safety equipment that is required on the loading dock.


Safety Signal

Safety signals utilize Red and Green LED lights to provide safety to the loading dock door. It eliminates the need for manual control that can be unreliable, for it has a based control panel that functions with no maintenance. It will also still function if one of the two LED lights goes out, for the light output of even one of the LED lights is enough to provide a clear and distinct signal.


Smart Chock

Smart Chock is a trailer restraint system that emphasizes safety by securing your vehicle while communicating with drivers and loading dockworkers, so that a safe work environment is maintained. It is a restraint system that is versatile and can be used for a wide range of vehicles. It is also not dependent on the type or location of the ICC bar on a trailer. The Smart Chock also has a feature where it will alert dockworkers if the chock is removed prematurely.


Safety Strap

The safety strap is a retractable strap for a dock door that works to keep loading areas open. This allows load dock workers to not have to worry about a dock door, which

increases worker production and works to prevent the potential safety risks a load dockworker may face. It is designed with a strength that exceeds OSHA standards and helps prevent load dockworkers from falling off a loading dock.


Handy Chock

The Handy Chock was created to reduce the risk of worker injury and allow them to better comply with OSHA standards. When easier to complete the required jobs than if load dockworkers use a rubber wheel chock. It has a bottom grip surface and specific dimensions that are more effective than other wheel chocks that are made solely out of rubber.


Guide Light

A guide light will improve efficiency and reduce potential risks when dock load workers are trying to line up tractors. It will assist workers during bad weather or when there is a rush to unload or load a trailer. It can also be used to assist and better guide inexperienced drivers, so that no damage to any infrastructure or equipment occurs.


When working on a loading dock, workers can be exposed to many hazards or potential risks. These potential risks can be reduced, however, with the used of specialized equipment. To browse safety equipment to use on loading docks, use the product category buttons in the navigation menu above.