Another dynamic solution to solve a complex problem at the loading dock.

The struggle with proper sealing when dealing with variable truck heights, variable door heights, sloped docks, yard jockey tilt and lift gates, resulting in water and air intrusion, is a real problem in need of a real solution.
DL Dynamic Dock Seal. A remarkable design that brings the head pad to the truck instead of the truck trying to fit to the head pad.
A simple automated cable/pulley system moves the head pad up and down to meet the secured trailer to the wall keeping out water and light thus making the Dynamic Dock Seal the premium solution for a complex problem. The up and down movement of the head pad creates a watertight seal regardless of trailer height and/or projection and without interfering with the dock door or trailer opening.



Product Video


Product Features

    • - Fits any trailer 12' to 13'6"
    • - No compression on building or truck
    • - Does not block trailer or dock door opening
    • - No problem with yard jockey
    • - No wear on material or foam
    • - Does not leak water on leveler or product
    • - Can be automated to any system
    • - No need for drop flaps
    • - All components protected under steel canopy
    • - Actuators are water proof
    • - 40 ounce vinyl
    • - 120v/single phase/60HZ



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