Avoid Loading Dock Accidents With These Three Trailer Tools

Those that work around loading docks or are involved in loading and unloading activities know how dangerous the work environment can be for anyone near the loading dock area. Most of the accidents that occur at loading docks are due to trailers drifting away from the loading dock. These accidents can occur simply by the movement of forklifts traveling in and out of the trailers or not properly securing the trailer. To prevent accidents from occurring at the loading docks, there are multiple safety products, which are designed to keep trailers in place at the loading doors. These safety products, which help prevent injuries, are commonly referred to as trailer restraints or vehicle restraints.


Dock Communication Systems

A dock communication system by Safety Signal is more than just the standard red light, green light safety system. Dock communication systems provide dock workers and drivers the most safety while in the loading dock area. By providing high intensity LED lights for both the driver and the dock workers. With the option to utilize interlocks for your dock light, fan and leveler, your loading dock area will be equipped for maximum productivity and safety. The communication system is centralized in a control panel and fully automated to ensure reliability, which manual systems cannot always provide. For many warehouse operations, dock communication systems are an excellent choice due to having a control panel, which can be programmed to interlock for electric, hydraulic and pneumatic levelers.


Wheel Restraints

For the scenarios where a standard dock restraint will not function properly, such as vehicles with a lift gate, wheel restraints may prove to be more beneficial to the overall safety of the loading dock area. These vehicle restraint systems lock directly onto the wheel of the truck, which prevents the trailer from moving. Basic wheel chocks are classified as a type of wheel restraint, but hydraulic surface chocks or in-ground hydraulic chocks provide more protection. Some wheel restraint systems are able to operate automatically, as well as provide communication to the driver and dock workers that the trailer is safely secured, which increase safety around the loading dock.


Loading dock accidents are completely preventable with the correct use of safety equipment, such as the vehicle restraint systems described above. Each of the above vehicle restraints can help your company keep employees, drivers and bystanders safe from accidents. For more information about vehicle restraints and other safety equipment contact DL Manufacturing today.