Energy Saving Products


KOOZI-logos_smallGet rid of the Energy-Eater hiding under your leveler. Each year thousands of dollars are lost at your loading docks from levelers that are not insulated. Whether you are dealing with cold storage, warehousing, or trying to keep your loading docks warm during the winter months, DL Manufacturing has developed a solution, a green solution... the Leveler Koozi™. Complete Details


lbpoyDock Levelers are energy hogs at your loading dock. Energy can be lost through the side gaps, the bottom door seal or by heat transfer through the dock leveler plate. Energy loss at your loading dock is a major drag on chillers, heating systems, and maintaining dock temperature for food safety. Lastly, energy loss has a negative impact on your operational expenses. Complete Details


dockseal_logoKeep Bugs and Vermin Out and Energy Savings In. Gaping holes around the dock levelers are another challenging problem for facility managers. For years, companies have been trying to tackle “the gap” between the dock seals and the leveler. DL Manufacturing has the solution with our new Dock Corner Seal. Complete Details